The Most Reputed and Successful B2B Program


Business owners who can enhance their profitability by 100% can opt this B2B model.

A Complete End to End Support

★ Smart Ed will set up the Learning center in the existing premises (KG School / Learning Centers / Regular Schools or New premises).

★ Smart Ed will takes care of end to end Teaching and learning Process in the Center.

★ We will provide a Center Manager, who takes care of 360 degree working process.

★ We will conduct the activities like IIT Foundation, NEET & JEE, CA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, SB in Smart Class method Teaching.


★ Less stake of capital-installment or differed payment facility .

★ Easy to manage credit.

★ Management / technical facility can be obtained with little/ no cost

★ Promotion and advertisement .

★ Have a higher rate of success than the start-up business.

★ Quick ROI.

★ Win-Win-Win methodology

★ Brand Building.

★ Incremental Revenue.

★ Ease of Supervision.

Favor Obtained from Smart Ed Techno School

★ Reasonable franchise fee in flexible terms.

★ Standardized policies and procedures.

★ Takes care of all recruitment of Teachers & other staffs.

★ Takes care of Students registrations & other process.

★ Curriculum design.

★ Ethical Business model ( EBM).

★ Continuous management counseling and support.

★ Develop a set of customer service standards.

Curriculum & Learning Management

★ Provide syllabi and books in the latest academic trends

★ Advise on assessment, marking, recording and reporting of students’ work.

★ Provide policy, learning and teaching.

★ Suggest policy on safety, health and usage of technology.

★ Assessment schedule.

Marketing & Promotion

★ Product , product design and product development.

★ Preparation of annual marketing plan.

★ Brand advertising .

★ Website Optimization.

★ Social media Campaigns .

★ Public Relations .

★ Dedicated Centre Head.

★ Online/ Offline campaigns & advertisement lot more ………..